How much lucky are you?

A lucky person is the one, who can make their luck. Don't give luck to control you, keep control of your luck. Take the quiz to find out how much lucky are you?

Here are some questions about me and you, answer not your favorite but what you think is lucky. Everyone is lucky so take this quiz to find out how much. Hope you enjoy it.

Created by: Jeeshan

  1. Click a number
  2. Click a letter
  3. (This question,from now,are about me, if you are lucky then you will choose the right answer) What's the colour of my hair?
  4. What is my religion?
  5. What is my age?
  6. Choose a number (2)
  7. Your favourite colour?
  8. Pick a letter (2)
  9. Favourite avenger of you
  10. Your birth month
  11. Are you lucky?

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Quiz topic: How much lucky am I?