How Much Like Me Are You?

Well, the title of this quiz, "How Much Like Me Are You" basically gives the whole thig away. If you are taking this quiz, you are trying to find out how much we have in common.

So, I hope you enjoy my quiz more than I am enjoying filling in this intoduction area. Good luck being just like me! Please rate, comment, and spread the word of this awesome quiz!

Created by: DragonzEye

  1. First, when you're making a quiz, does typing the intro and parting words annoy you?
  2. Favorite color(s)? I made crazy colors so choose the best answer.
  3. Favorite Harry Potter character? Pick your favorite of these, anyway.
  4. Let's say you were to write a story. What would be the first random thing you write about? What's the title?
  5. Favorite sport?
  6. Are you in student council?
  7. Are you bad at math?
  8. Italian or Puerto Rican?
  9. Do you like Sour Patch Kids?
  10. You can't do a backbend.
  11. Are you born two days within October 31st?
  12. Do you like to do your hair?
  13. If your crush asked you out, would you have the courage to say yes?
  14. Tomboy/Girly girl?
  15. Shape?
  16. Your report card?
  17. Accent?

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Quiz topic: How Much Like Me am I?