How Much Greek Mythology Do You Know

In this quiz you will be tested on how much you know about mythology. You can ALWAYS retake the quiz to get a better score just in case. Remember to try your best!

I'm allowing you to use google on this quiz so you get a good score. First, I want you to try by yourself and THEN use google. Hope you enjoy this quiz!

Created by: Beckett

  1. How Many Times Has Apollo Been Turned Mortal? (Not Counting The Trials Of Apollo)
  2. What Is The Name Of Demeter's Daughter?
  3. How Was Aphrodite Born?
  4. How Did Zeus Get His Lightning Bolts?
  5. From What God Did King Midas Get His Mule Ears?
  6. From Which God Did King Midas Get His Golden Touch
  7. Which Of The Big Three Was The Oldest?
  8. How many Olympians are there?
  9. What did Hermes do to make Apollo mad?
  10. Random: Do you like Mac & Cheese?
  11. Last question: How does Hera try to stop Hercules from destroying the hydra?

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Quiz topic: How Much Greek Mythology do I Know