How much frog do yo have

Frogs are an important part of nature and life as we know it so you need to connect with your inner frog and you would save the world from insects and other tiny beasts

You are connected to the worlds most imoportant resource that's right a frog you are connected to a frog and its not weird because frogs are awesome that's all true

Created by: Alysia

  1. Gribbit means
  2. A frogs favorite letter is
  3. A frog eats
  4. Do frogs like gossip
  5. Do frogs like limes or apples
  6. Wires or goop for making houses if your a frog
  7. What is a frogs least favorite number
  8. What is a frogs favorite color
  9. Jade or Ruby gem
  10. Green or yellow which is worse

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