Do frogs eat grass?

This depends on your underware. It's very serious. Don't backtalk it's true. Underware is a thing comforting your big fat but. I'm sure you understand. Underware is a thing under everywhere. Including pants, and bottom of your shirt.

This will decide on these question what your world is like. Do the frogs eat grass? Are they normal frogs (eat bugs), or do they eat logs? We decide by the size and color and shine to your underware.

Created by: Averil: the weird girl.

  1. Cats are cats in a cat cat cat? Doesn't effect your score.
  2. Are your underware bright or dull
  3. What color are your underware?
  4. Say your mom is with your dad out at the movies and took the whole family except you. Now you can do ANYTHING. What do you do?
  5. Cat vs bunny. One will win. Who do you think it is and who do you hope it is?
  6. Say you get a present from grandpa. It's eather a snack or pet?
  7. It's a snack that you split with the pet he gave you! It's a bunny and a baby carrot your half is dipped in chocolate. The bunny's name is lily and she's white not albino. Lily's half is not dipped in chocolate.
  8. grandpa says "I got the present too get a excuse too say, your not real." What the heck do you think he means?
  9. Now this one is the most affective. What size underware are you?
  10. Last question. Do you think this quiz is weird?

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