how much does your boyfriend love you?

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Inside us girls there is always that question lurking. Does he really love me? Well make your mind up now, this quiz can totally change your whole perspective on your relationship.

Do you want to know how much your boyfriend loves you? Are you unsure on the relationship? Are you positive he loves you deeply? Take this quiz and find out today!

Created by: lauryn
  1. How long have you been dating?
  2. How far have you gone?
  3. If you said you were ugly or something, what would he say?
  4. What does he do when he sees you?
  5. What would he describe you to other people?
  6. Would or does he flirt with other girls?
  7. When does he ask to see you?
  8. When does he buy you gifts?
  9. How many times does he tell you he loves you?
  10. Why have you gone onto this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How much does my boyfriend love you?