How much does your BFF love you?

There are many good and bad BFF's after all, you need to think well, do you want it, do you not? What is a BFF? A BFF is A best friend forever! so think well about it.

does YOUR BFF ove you? How much? why? and how did you guys become BFF's? well, I don't know that question, all I know is that you can play this quiz to find out

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  1. Did your friend ever lie to you?
  2. Does your BFF talk to you often?
  3. How many BFF's does your BFF have?
  4. 1 day at school, it was brake time, and someone bullies you, your BFF ______
  5. *Another of thease* When you war outside, alone in the garden, you'r BFF see's you, your BFF starts _____________
  6. Your BFF is ____ with you
  7. Do you guys chat everyday?
  8. Once, you went to the forest, you'r BFF walks by, what do you ask your BFF and what does your BFF say?
  9. your BFF has to move His/Her house and you won't be abel to see your BFF this often anymore :c
  10. You are a ____ and your BFF is a ____

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Quiz topic: How much does my BFF love you?