How Much Do You Want To Be A Member On Animal Jam?

Hey there peeps! I'm lovefrombadlands and welcome to my first quiz on this account! I used to be "halsey" and "Paris234," but now I am lovefrombadlands! Follow me on TheTopTens!

Anyway, my membership expired quite recently, and I really want to be a member because my favorite den is finally back and direwolves are coming back! Take my quiz!

Created by: lovefrombadlands

  1. be a nm or get critical errors on your quizzes and get so annoyed because you have to redo them and it's the worst and you really hate gotoquiz and you wish it did not exist worthless website I hate way too much
  2. be a nm or no buddies
  3. be a nm or follow lovefrombadlands on thetoptens :)
  4. be a rare nm or an unrare member
  5. be a nm or die
  6. be a nm with member animals or a member with only nm animals
  7. nm or member with no jags
  8. nm or fall off a cliff
  9. be a nm or have no gems or diamonds ever
  10. be a nm or throw chairs at your bff
  11. member with only in store nm items or nm with rare member items
  12. nm or no den
  13. nm or no animals
  14. nm or no pets
  15. nm or no trading

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Want To Be A Member On Animal Jam?