How much do you value your education?

Have you ever wondered whether school is really worth it or not? Some people never have, and never will. Others, however...see it just a bit differently.

Are YOU a hardcore student? Do YOU spend more time studying then socializing? Well, in just a few minutes, you will find out just how much you love school!

Created by: Daisy
  1. Your teacher hands you a math quiz asking you to find X on a triangle.
  2. A friend sitting next to you slides you a note asking to meet up in the hallway during math. You respond on a piece of paper with:
  3. Your science teacher hands you a seemingly very hard test. Your reaction:
  4. Your best friend pokes you in the back after school and asks you if you want to go to the mall on Saturday. You respond with:
  5. You're given the choice to have no homework for a week or have a day off from school. You choose:
  6. You're asking the guy who sits next to you for a pencil because yours broke, and the teacher gives you detention for disturbing another student. Your reaction:
  7. Your crush asks you out on a date the day that you were going to study with your BFF. You:
  8. The computer on which you were typing an essay suddenly shorts out and crashes. You:
  9. You're sick with the flu and can't go to school. You:
  10. You were very tired and fell asleep in class. When you wake up, you see the teacher and the whole class staring at you. You:

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Quiz topic: How much do I value my education?