How much do you really know about Harry Potter?

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Hey Potterheads! Have you ever wondered if you REALLY are a Potterhead? Take this quiz to find out! This is gonna pop every muscle of your body into action to try to solve this trouble some problem!

This quiz will pop your brain into motion to find the one correct answer of each question.Good Luck! This is gonna make you focus on nothing but HP and to get this quiz correct, focus!

Created by: Cute Girl Island

  1. Okay, easy first.What house was Harry Potter in?
  2. What trio was Harry in?
  3. When were his parents killed?
  4. Who was Harry's first crush on?
  5. At what age did Harry learn about horcruxes?
  6. What was passed down to Harry in his first year on Christmas?
  7. Who put Harry Potter's name in the Goblet Of Fire?
  8. Whose soul was inside Harry?
  9. How many horcruxes did Tom Riddle have?
  10. What was Harry's favorite wizard food?
  11. Who were Harry's parents?

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Quiz topic: How much do I really know about Harry Potter?