So You Think You Love Unicorns...

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Do you really love unicorns? You may think you do, but you might find that you aren't 100% with unicorns. Take this unicorn quiz to find the absolute and shocking truth.

I love unicorns but do you??? Take this quick-and-easy-10-question-quiz to find that maybe you aren't such a unicorn lover after all, even though you may think you are... uh oh.

Created by: Swagmasta20

  1. Do you believe unicorns exist?
  2. What colours do unicorns come in?
  3. What powers do you believe unicorns have?
  4. Do you believe that unicorns can fly?
  5. Do you believe unicorns are girls or boys?
  6. Where do you think unicorns live?
  7. What do you think unicorns eat? PS. I searched it up and there is a shocking real answer
  8. What do you think the colour of the unicorns mane and tail would be?
  9. What colour is unicorn poop?
  10. What do unicorns best go with?

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