what is your unicorn

this quiz is just a cute quiz that you should take honestly. in opinion unicorns are a important subject in my life. although you may think this is a time wasting but i prefer to know to get through the day

do you suffer through the day without unicorns? are you a unicorn fan? if yes to all these then i got a quiz for you! all these unicorns are special. ~

Created by: annette

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. who would you eat in if you where stranded in the desert?
  2. choose a car
  3. if you had the power to paint the sky what color would you paint it?
  4. what is your excuse for not doing you job?
  5. pick a kitty
  6. if your friend has been avoiding you what do you say?
  7. how was your day?
  8. do you like the hot weather?
  9. do you have siblings?
  10. if someone gave you 100 bucks what would you sped it on?

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Quiz topic: What is my unicorn