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Sugar,Spice,and Everything nice with Chemical X is all in here the powerpuff girls saving the day as you answer these questions,oh and if you don’t want to hear any PPG questions numbers “4,11,& 21” don’t have anything to do with it

Like the quiz we’ll see which you are and find my other quiz..... H A V I N G F U N W I T H M Y N E W F O N TB L O S S O MB U B B L E SB U T T E R C U P

Created by: Niambi Whitfield

  1. What is the name of Bubbles’s Octopus
  2. Which episode of The powerpuff girls did most of Townsville at the beach laugh at the girls?
  3. One episode three characters got Townsville (include the powerpuff girls) sick
  4. Break question : when did Roblox join his own game
  5. Which girl wore glasses in a episode of the powerpuff girls
  6. What are the names of the counterparts of the Powerpuff girls that everyone ships too much (remember order is Red,Blue,Green cause that order makes way more sense)
  7. How many times did Mojo jojo turn people into dogs
  8. Which episode didn’t have the powerpuff girls in it
  9. Which girl had a haircut in the episode “The mane event”
  10. In the episode “Pee Pee G’s” which girl said “Mabye the water bed leaked”
  11. Break question : Which Character is NOT a Roblox admin
  12. Did the girls have an episode where they turned into mermaids?
  13. Out of the whole series who is NOT a villain
  14. Who called the powerpuff girls The sugar puffs
  15. If you traveled in time to the time where the girls ran every time they saw Mojo when their in the bed,what should you say?
  16. What are the powerpuff girl’s names
  17. Which girl said sang the song “Bubbles coloring song”
  18. Which girl said that Boomer is cute in “The boys are back in town”
  19. How many seasons are in this show
  20. How old are the girls
  21. Break question : which girl said “ta ta ta,tatatata. ta ta ta,tatatata.” In “Tell a tale of sechule bot”?
  22. Is there a seventh sister? If there is tap her name
  23. In the episode “Lying around the house” the Professor gave himself pancakes he didn’t give the girls any,what did he give the girls
  24. What did bubbles say before she turned the lights off in “Octi-gone”
  25. Which Villian only appeared in one episode
  26. Who was the last villain to appear in the show
  27. What is Princess’s last name
  28. Which girl wears a red bow
  29. Why did the girls hide under the table in “substitute creature”
  30. Last one : what city does the girls live in?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know The PPGs