How much do you know Salman Khan

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Do you think you know Bollywood superstar Salman Khan then test how much do you actually know him. Salman khan has million of fans in India and is the biggest star of Bollywood test you knowledge on him by doing this quiz

Take this test to found out if you are the biggest fan of Salman Khan and also share with you friends. This quiz tests how well you know the biggest superstar of country

Created by: Karamveer

  1. Salman's khan Debut Movie
  2. Salman Khan's Birth Date
  3. Which of the following shows Salman didn't host?
  4. Which of the following song did Salman sung?
  5. How many times did Salman play character "prem" in movies
  6. which of the following character Salman didn't play in his movies?
  7. When did Salman get married
  8. How many siblings does Salman Khan have?
  9. Which of the following actresses has Salman khan not dated
  10. Why is Salman still not married?

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