How much do you know philly

If you live in philly or don't test yourself. See if your either a true philly fan or just a fake. If you don't live here see how much you know. You may be interested in the diversity of Philadelphia compared to other places. Take this quiz to see how Philly you really are.

Are you Philly? We have cheese stakes cream cheese tasty cakes. Yet there's so much more about philly you probably don't know. Take this quiz to see how well you know philly.

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  1. What does jawn mean?
  2. What is one way?
  3. What do people call down town philly?
  4. What do people call down town philly?
  5. What do we call going to the beach?
  6. What is philly known as?
  7. What's a hoagie?
  8. Who is taking over philly?
  9. What do they call Italian ice?
  10. What's the el?
  11. What's a septa
  12. What is "acting joe" mean?
  13. What does "the move" mean?
  14. What does "mix" mean
  15. What does "hit" mean?

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