How much do you know me?

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Hey, and welcome to another quiz! I hope you like this one, because I didn't plan it ;-;... I guess you should like this, why would you be taking it if you didn't?

Anyways, you either know me or you don't. If you truly know me, this quiz will say. If you think you do, but the results say otherwise, then there must've been some kind of misconception along the line.

Created by: ShadowClawVIP

  1. When's my birthday?
  2. What's my favourite colour?
  3. What is my favourite band?
  4. Which of these is a fear of mine?
  5. What is my relationship status as of when this quiz was made? (18/01/2021)
  6. Do I like anime?
  7. What is my gender?
  8. What is my YT called?
  9. What is my favourite animal?
  10. Where did I grow up?
  11. If I saw blood, what would I do?
  12. Which of these would I love to do with a girl?
  13. Enjoy the quiz?
  14. Ok, now... have you met me or even talked to me before?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know me?

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