How Much Do You Know Me

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I made this quiz mostly for my friends but anyone can take it i honestly don't give a fuk who takes this but if you will be a bich in the comments i'll hack you :p

This quiz was made by me only and it will never be owned by anybody else well if someone hacks then they can have the quiz p.s the pass is GET A LIFE f---ING HACKER

Created by: godofminecraft56
  1. Am i a boy or a girl?
  2. What color is my hair?
  3. How old i am
  4. What color do my eyes change to?
  5. What color are my eyes?
  6. Am i a social person?
  7. What's my main email?
  8. Where do i live?
  9. What's my name?
  10. Do i have a gf?
  11. Rate and Comment suckers?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know Me