How much do you know about Wings Of Fire?

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Do you like wings of fire? Have read every book back to back TWICE? Then this quiz is for you!Please ONLY do this test if you have read ALL the books! This includes several spoilers and quistions randomly throughout. Not only will it ruin the book series for you, but it will also give you an unclear score if you guess.

This test quiz has ten questions, with only ONE correct answer. Please try your best and don't cheat. You can use a reference, though don't spoil an answer for others. Please no hate, I worked very hard on this. Enjoy!

Created by: Misty the Rainwing

  1. in the first book, who was Clays mother?
  2. In the legends, what was enchanted to make Darkstalker fall away?
  3. In the lost Continent, who were the three leafwings?
  4. Who are Tsunami two Sisters?
  5. In moon rising, what is winters scavengers name?
  6. In escaping Peril, who is Rubys son?
  7. In Winter turning, who is hailstorm?
  8. What object is enchanted to be a soulreader?
  9. Who do you ship?(I'm curious)
  10. How much do you like WOF?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Wings Of Fire?