how much do you know about warrior cats

you know there are few true warriors and fewer master masters afterall are people who are willing to read and learn about warrior cats so test you skills and see if your a true warrior

are you a master or a true warrior do you know the answer no so why not test it out come take the quiz theres no harm done so why not try it and remember have fun

Created by: bonnie
  1. what was dovepaw's and ivypaw's warrior names
  2. who was jayfeather,lionblaze and hollyleaf's father
  3. who is sol
  4. who was graystipe's second mate
  5. what do riverclan eat mostly
  6. whats a kittypet
  7. why did bluefur give up her kits
  8. what were the name of poppyfrost's kits
  9. which cat is blind but knows were to go
  10. how many clans were there
  11. what is windclan known for

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about warrior cats