how much do you know about The Renaissance

Renaissance is the Latin word for rebirth... it Was an intellectual movement and , in the course of time developed many characteristics of its own ..

How much do you know about this new movement are you history nerd , do you love History , can. You answer questions. About renaissance ... let's find out ...

Created by: Percie

  1. Who is known as 'The Navigator' ?
  2. What is 'Pieta' ?
  3. The grand dome of the St. Peter's Church was designed by ?
  4. Who was Copernicus ?
  5. Who painted ' the Last Supper' and 'Mona Lisa ' ?
  6. Who wrote 'Paradise Lost ' ?
  7. Who discovered North America
  8. What does Renaissance mean ?
  9. When was Constantinople captured by the Ottoman Turks ?
  10. Who was Bacon ?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about The Renaissance