How much do you know about the Percy Jackson series?

I made this quiz just for the fun of it, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it! I love these books and have not yet (but yearn!) to watch the movies!

Do you know much about this series, or are you just taking this quiz so that you can see how much luck you have? Either way, please enjoy and rate this quiz!

Created by: Alison Maylynn

  1. What letter does Grover's surname begin with?
  2. What does Rachel become at the end of the series that made May Castellan go mad?
  3. What is Percy's full name.
  4. Which of the following authors wrote the books?
  5. Who is the spy for the titans in Camp Half-Blood that dies in Book 5?
  6. Who is the brother of Bianca the hunter?
  7. What type of tree is Thalia?
  8. Where is Luke's Achilles' heel? Is it:
  9. Who is the lieutenant of the hunters that dies in Book 3?
  10. Who is the godly parent of Charlie Beckendorf?
  11. Which of the following Gods is on the Council of Cloven Elders?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the Percy Jackson series?