How Much Do You Know About The Dream SMP and Its Members?

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Test yourself to see just how much you know! This quiz will definitely define weather you know your stuff or not. Don’t cheat if you feel as if you do not know the answer. I’d also prefer that you don’t pick a random one, but who am I tell you what to do?

This quiz will be a bit tricky for those who are not too into the Dream SMP, and will be hard for new people who have started watching. I’d still recommend taking this quiz as practice or something. Maybe you can learn a few new facts.

Created by: Izel
  1. What is GeorgeNotFound’s full name?
  2. Who was the female member who no longer joins the server.
  3. Who did the discs that started the whole mess on the server belong to?
  4. Who is Wilbur Soot’s kid on the server?
  5. Who was the fourth person to join the Server (including Dream), and gave it, it’s name. (Dream SMP)
  6. In the Dream SMP what can Karl Jacobs do?
  7. Who takes care of the prison in the Dream SMP?
  8. What was Sapnaps logo before the flame?
  9. Whats Dream’s real name?
  10. Who are Captain Puffy’s kids on the Dream SMP?
  11. Who did Fundy almost get married to?
  12. Who is Sapnap’s Parent in the Dream SMP?
  13. Who helped Jschlatt win the election?
  14. Who is the oldest in the server?
  15. What is something Ranboo has trouble doing in the Dream SMP?
  16. Who are Philza’s kids in the Dream SMP?
  17. Who is Tubbo platonically married to on the server?
  18. What is BadBoy Halo’s real name?
  19. What is Sapnap’s real name?
  20. What did Ghostbur used to say? “Have some…”
  21. Who was Wilbur Soot cannon significant other on the server?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About The Dream SMP and Its Members?