How Much Do You Know About The Baby Sitters Club

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If you clicked on this quiz than you know the babysitters cub just like me! Whether you found your answers in the books, graphic novels, or show you will most likely know some answers!

This quiz will ask your knowledge of the babysitters clubs good and bads. You will get a score at the end and a recommendation for your job. Good luck!

Created by: Kate MS

  1. What type of diabetes does Stacy has?
  2. What is Claudia's older sister named?
  3. Why does everybody else hanging with there dad make Kristy upset?
  4. What is David Michael's middle name?
  5. Why does Mary Ann Decide to keep Humpty Dumpty?
  6. Why does Kristy not tell on Stacy that she wasn't in New York?
  7. Where did Claudia hide her candy?
  8. Where did Dawn move from in Cali?
  9. What animal put a curse on the theater at Camp Moose Head?
  10. Whose house do they meet at for meetings?
  11. What was the first thing Mimi talked about after her stroke?
  12. What did Kristy's first dress make her look like?

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