How much do you know about Team Galatic in Pokemon

Team galatic Appeared in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum alot. They are really strong trainers that usually uses dark and poison pokemon. They are also trying to destroy sinnoh with dialga and palkia.

How much do you know about team galatic? This quiz will answer your questiona and you will find out how much you know about the team galatic in pokemon sinnoh region.

Created by: Jeffrey

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  1. Is Team Galatic's Boss male of Female?
  2. How many commanders does team galatic have?
  3. What are the Commander's names?
  4. What is Team Galatic's Mission?
  5. What is Pokemon Does Team galatic have the most?
  6. What is One of the Commander's Pokemon?
  7. What did Team galatic steal?
  8. Are Team Galatic Bad Guys?
  9. What is Team Galatic Boss's Name?
  10. What Pokemons Does Team Galatic Boss have in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Team Galatic in Pokemon