How much do you know about Rihanna?

Alot of people think they know all about rihanna, are you one of those people? i dont know what to write? So im just gonna type random stuff till i have enough characters

Take the quiz to find out if you really are a True Rihanna fan, or just a hopeless wannabe? Again i will just type random stuff till it says there are enough characters so kthans yeaaah

Created by: LittleMissMoni
  1. What is Rihanna's first name?
  2. And her last name?
  3. In what country was she born and grew up in?
  4. Who is Rihanna's Mentor?
  5. How was her talent 'found' ?
  6. Who beat her up in their last relationship?
  7. When she was young, her life was hard. Why?
  8. Song Test! What song does these lyrics belong to? 'You can run into my arms, its okay dont be alarmed, come into me theres no distance in between our love...'
  9. Song Test! What song does these lyrics belong to? 'Its getting late, im making my way over to my favourite place, I gotta get my body moving shake the stress away, wasnt looking for nobody when you looked my way, a simple candidate, yeah...'
  10. What record label is she signed to?
  11. Byee:) Thanks for taking this quiz! (no effect)

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Rihanna?