How much do YOU know about Pokemon?

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Only a few people can truthfully be called Pokemon Masters. Are you one of those people? This quiz can help you figure it out! It's got questions from all categories.

What's a TM? Who knows? Do you?! Well, take the quiz, grade your knowledge of moves, types, and Pokemon. Leave a comment if you'd like to say a thing or two. xP

Created by: PokeFan
  1. What level does Pikachu evolve at?
  2. How many legendary Pokemon are there?
  3. Which of these moves can Scyther NOT learn?
  4. What attack would be best against a Ponyta?
  5. What generation is the Sinnoh Region?
  6. What is Ash's Pikachu named?
  7. How many times does Snorlax appear in the anime?
  8. What is Blitzle's evolved form?
  9. Which of these moves are HM/TM moves?
  10. What does an oran berry do?
  11. How did you like my quiz?! This was my first, don't hate! xP (( No effect. ))

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Pokemon?