How much do you know about Persona 3

This is a simple quiz to test your knowledge of Persona 3. Nothing too special but maybe you'll get a good chuckle. Made to one up my friend with his hard (IMO) Wild Arms quiz.

Can you remember it all? Maybe you can't? Take this quiz to test your knowledge, waste time or just because..Like hell if I know your reasons, it doesn't matter to me.

Created by: Mouse
  1. Memento Mori. It's a word you should be familiar with if you played Persona 3 but what does it mean?
  2. What is the Main characters Arcana?
  3. Fuuka, Kenji, Yuko, Takaya..Which one of these does not let you gain an S-Link?
  4. What was the first Full Moon Shadow you fought?
  5. How do you activate the Empress S-Link?
  6. What was that butterfly in the beginning symbolize?
  7. What's the title of the Opening Theme?
  8. How was Strega created?
  9. What was your first persona?
  10. How many fusion requests does Elizabeth give you?
  11. What does Tarturus turn back into once the Dark Hour is finished?
  12. What is waiting for you at the top of Tartarus?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Persona 3