How Much Do You Know About Me, CollieAndBerner?

I am a unique person. We all are. Everyone has different traits that separate them from others. I am a good singer, swimmer, and artist, and I get those things from my mom, dad, step dad, and grandpa.

But how much do you know about me? And when put to the test, how would you do? Well, you already know that Collies and Bernese Mountain Dogs are my favorite breeds of dog, so that will get you started. Good luck!

Created by: CollieAndBerner

  1. First of all, how old am I? (August 2014)
  2. Which of these do I like best?
  3. What are my Furbies named?
  4. What is my dog named?
  5. True or False: Almost every night, I stay up really late playing my Kindle Fire.
  6. How many Build-A-Bears do I own?
  7. Which is my favorite?
  8. Which of these shows DON'T I like?
  9. That is it!
  10. Oh yeah! My profile pic is my dog standing next to my brothers (big) teddy bear, Boris. I'm gonna try to draw a picture of a Collie and a Bernese Mountain Dog standing together and upload that, but until then, just wanted to add that. For a better score choose answer two.

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Me, CollieAndBerner?