How much do you Know About Me?

Um... Well. This is for all meh friendies that say they know me well. WELL I BET YOU WEREN'T EXPECTING THIS WERE YOU? LOL. Anyway, This quiz is for yo' pplz. And sorry if meh quiz is sucky. Bleh.

So, I don't have much more too say, But GTQ requires me to write a two paragraph description, SO NOW I'M DESCRIBING THE DESCRIBTION WHUT? I really don't know xD

Created by: OZZYIOMMI

  1. My favourite colour?
  2. My best Guy friend is?
  3. Favourite Anime (OMG SO EASY.)
  4. What's the name of my Band? (That disbanded)
  5. And then, What's my fave video game?
  6. The name of My crush?
  7. The game I want so much?
  8. The one job in the world That I want more than anything, but won't be able to have?
  9. The person I hate more than anything? (Hint: He's not a president)
  10. My least favourite subject in school?
  11. One time, I insisted I'd name my Kid Ozzy. And he'd have a _______ (Name of a haircut)
  12. What's my lucky number? (It's not an even number)
  13. Pft, Another easy one. My brothers name is?
  14. And what is the very first word I made up?
  15. What language am I learning?
  16. What's my dream car?
  17. How about my dream, erm, husband?
  18. My favourite Idiom?

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Quiz topic: How much do I Know About Me?