How much do you know about Lady GaGa

Are you seriously reading this you shouldn't be!! B. Just take the Justin Bieber Justin B Justin Bieber Justin Bi Bieber I say Justin Bieber I say yes and did Justin Bieber I say yes and I eonded Justin Bieber I say yes and I and Justin Bieber I say yes and I and II and Justin Bieber say yes and Iand II and Justin Bieber say yes and I was going to say yes and I I was and I

Justin Bieber sent said yes I said no he's a guess nothing no one in CS and he said no and I said yes Lisa know everything that's been said yes and Alicia know it but then but the but then but then VIN

Created by: taliyah

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  1. First of all no cheating!! There are only 3 right answers to this question.
  2. How old is Lady Gaga
  3. Which of her songs hit the top charts?
  4. Can't feel my can't feel my no he can't feel my ( blank blank )
  5. A little gamblin is fun when your with me
  6. She's gonna love nobody
  7. Which of these is a Poker Face parody
  8. I'll promise I'll be kind but I won't stop until that boy is mine
  9. I live for the way that you cheer and scream for me.
  10. Civilian of a billion baby but I'm a one and only talking trash beating that as don't you know I'm a one and only ohh one in a billion don't you see me on the charts now and then?
  11. Some of us just like to read
  12. I was only supposed to have 10 questions
  13. Ready for the results?!

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Lady GaGa