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This quiz is all about kotlc ** KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES** it is a great series that i love so so so much!!!! Will you get a score that is higher than ever? Can you prove to be a true kotlc fan?

Let's find out!But first just make sure that you know what you're doing?Ask yourself these questions:Have i read the books? Am I ready? Will I do good? We'll see!!!!!

Created by: KoTlC #1 fAn

  1. Who was the first elf Sophie ever met
  2. What is sophie's favorite colour
  3. What are sophie's 5 abilities
  4. Who is sophies mom
  5. Who is sophie's best friend
  6. What are Mr. Forkle's 2 other identities
  7. Who is Wylie's dad
  8. What colour are sophie's eyes
  9. What is Fitz's middle name
  10. How old was sophie when she found out about the lost cities
  11. True or false Elisabeth is Sophie's middle name
  12. Where do the ogres live
  13. Who is Romhildas husband

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about KOTLC