How Much Do You Know About

There are many people who think they know everything about howrse. Well take your info all into this mini quiz, see how you do! With the result, you can put it on you page! CReated by Saddleclub01.

So, you think your a howrse smarty pants! Well we'll all see about that, but your results on your howrse page, and see what other members have scored to.

Created by: lilylola

  1. Which year was created in?
  2. Who is the creator of howsre?
  3. How many servers are there on howrse?
  4. On the Lottery what date does it finish on?
  5. What does E.C stand for?
  6. How many days of seniority do you need to create and E.C?
  7. How many different forums are there on the UK server?
  8. How many passes does a horn of plenty cost there?
  9. What new solar system horse, is in the lottery draw?
  10. How many passes is a philosopher stone?
  11. How young and old does a horse have to be to have a piece of cloud?
  12. How much Karma do you need to buy in an auction?
  13. How many days seniority do you need to purchase in an auction?
  14. How many days of seniority do you need to buy in reserved of direct sales?
  15. What is the minimum bid in auction?
  16. What's a farrier?
  17. What's a saddler?
  18. You are doing great! Now for the final question. What date did Saddleclub01 register on The hint is to look on her page by typing in where you add friends.

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