How much do you know about hamsters ?

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Today you will be taking a hamster quiz to see how much you know about hamster's . you will get a score at the end and a paragraph telling you how you did. If you get a low score i'm just trying to help you so please don't take it as rude and mean thank you! Have a fun time 🐹💗🐹💗🐹💗🐹💗🐹

Hi I don't really know what to put here so just have a good time ! thanks again for taking my quiz it took a long time. Hope you have a happy hamster at the end of this!🐹💗

Created by: Addison Cabanaw fox

  1. Whats the minimum bedding for a hamster ?
  2. What type of bedding is good for a hamster ?
  3. What bedding is bad for a hamster?
  4. What diet is good for a hamster?
  5. Should my hamster get water?
  6. Is a water bottle fine for my hamster?
  7. Is a water dish fine for a hamster
  8. What type of sq inches should a minimum hamster enclosure should be?
  9. What type of wheel is safe for a hamster?
  10. What wheels are bad for hamsters?
  11. Is a hamster ball good and fun for hamsters?
  12. Are Hamster cars good for hamsters?
  13. What is the right size for a Syrian hamster wheel
  14. whats the right size for a dwarf hamster?
  15. Are Syrian hamsters mean?
  16. Hamsters need treats
  17. Do hamsters need chew toys

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about hamsters ?