How much do you know about Green Day?

Thank you for taking my quiz. Green Day is my personal favorite band and i love them. I hope you enjoyed my quiz and think the result was fitting! Green Day rocks. And they thank you...and I thank you. Bye bye!

Are YOU a Green Day genius? Thanks for taking my quiz....I rock....Green Day rocks...I love them. My quiz rocks...and the result was right no matter what you got. Please tell your friends about this quiz cause i want people to take it! <333

Created by: Teddi Jo
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  1. how old is Billie Joe Armstrong?
  2. How old is Mike Dirnt?
  3. Where are Green Day from?
  4. What is Green Day's third album?
  5. How mant children does Billie Joe have?
  6. How many children does Tre` cool have?
  7. Is Billie Joe armstrong married?
  8. Is Mike Dirnt married?
  9. What is Billie Joe's wife's name?
  10. Who is the 2nd guitar player in Green Day?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Green Day?