How much do you know about 'friends'?

Friends is a good show on tv and everyone loves it. what makes friends the best show on earth? maybe it's the one lines which crack people up or maybe that you just want to find out what happens with rachel and ros?

How much do YOU know about friends? could you be the biggest friends geek in the world! until now how could you have known? you could sit and wonder or take this quiz to find out. have a go and find out...

Created by: shannon furniss

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  1. Who are the three main girls in the show?
  2. Wjo are the three main guys in the show?
  3. Who jilts barry at the alter?
  4. What name appears on the tv magazine guide?
  5. What does rachel name her baby?
  6. What is phoebes well known song?
  7. What burns down rachel and phoebes flat?
  8. What women can chandler never get rid of?
  9. What is the name of ross's monkey?
  10. What is pheobes twin sisters name?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about 'friends'?