How Much Do You Know About Emo's?

Ah, so you think you know about emo's. Haha, think again this test will test your ability of how much you know about steryotypes. This steryotype, of course, is called emo, or punk. You will be tested on style, dates and likings based on a survey i have conducted. I hopw you enjoy trying to get higher than an 85%.

Do you think you know about emo's? Well think again, about all you think you know. I promise to make you think hard about most of the answers some are very easy so you shouldn't get lower than a 65% which is still a D but its a high D.

Created by: Jozlin

  1. What kind Of Jeans Do Emo's Typically Wear?
  2. Why Do Most Emo's Go To Therapy
  3. What Music Do Emo's Tend To Like?
  4. What's An Emo's Favorite Activity??
  5. On Average, Approximatly How Many Emo's Dye Their Hair?
  6. What Does Emo Stand For?
  7. Why Do REAL Emo's call Themselves Emo?
  8. Whay Do people think Emo Is Goth?
  9. Favorite color(s)? This should explain it's self.
  10. When Did Emo Originally Start Apprearing?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Emo's?