How much do you love Popping ?

Do you know about the great style called body popping practiced by some of the many greates artists such as THE KING Of POP no need to say the name. Which concerns the contraction of the muscles in perfect sync with the music!

Whether you practice the style or not at all or you just enjoy watchin and havin awareness of it, just how much do you really think you actually love it. Wanna find out ? take this quizz and test yourself in just a few minutes.

Created by: carlos teta
  1. Whats your music preference for Popping ?
  2. How often do u keep up to wat otha poppers are up to ?
  3. How much do u know about the history of popping?
  4. how often do you get the urge to get down?
  5. what does hearin a popin beat make you feel like?
  6. Which is best :Learning n improving or learnin and innovating the dance and Styles?
  7. how do you invest in your poppin growth?
  8. what do u feel wen u see a great popper jammin in front of u?
  9. When do you think you will stop popping ?
  10. What has popping brought to your life ?

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Quiz topic: How much do I love Popping ?