How much do you know about cockerels?

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This is a quiz for all of you out there who love cockerels and hens! I say all, there are probably about one hundred of you on [no urls] but you know, who cares?!

So anyway, those people out there who love chickens, step forth and...take my quiz! Search my name, and you will find about five chicken quizzes in my list! Enjoy!

Created by: Chloe12
  1. Young cockerels practice?
  2. Which is the term to describe a young cockerel?
  3. Is a pullet a cockerel or a hen?
  4. What colour do cockerels usually shine?
  5. How do chickens and cockerels have chicks?
  6. Why do cockerels crow?
  7. Why do cockerels grow spurs?
  8. When is the most common times when a cockerel crows?
  9. How many other cockerels should it ideally live with?
  10. How many hens should it ideally live with?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about cockerels?