How much do you know about cat colors?

how much do you know about kitties? well, now's your time to find out!what color are Siamese Cats? how long is a Persian's hair? well will you take the quiz? take it and get 100

do you like cats? i do. will you get 100? i bet you will (maybe) find out if you do get 100 in this quiz, about cats!with a sentence if you get the answer right you will do fine maybe!

Created by: meep

  1. what color is a Siamese Cat?
  2. Siamese cats have what color eyes most of the time lol
  3. Siamese cats have what kind of eye?
  4. Persians have what length of hair?
  5. domestic cats were illegal to kill back then
  6. Russian Blue cats are ...
  7. how many cat breeds are there in the world?
  9. a liger is the biggest type of cat
  10. what is stronger, has bigger teeth and claws and bigger?
  11. Lions live in the jungle

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about cat colors?