How much can you guess about me??

Each one of us Are Individual and special (Me: Special needs (jk) and no offence to anyone who does) We all are our own people and should never try to change that

So you wanna she how much you can guess about me. Well give it your best shot cos I can guarantee I'm one pretty messed up child Lmao. GOOD LUCK (U ]

Created by: sammierox1997
  1. My Natural hair colour is????
  2. My Eye Colour is????
  3. My skin colour is????
  4. Am I religous????
  5. I have a Snake????
  6. I have a Sister????
  7. I have a Brother????
  8. My Favourite Animal is????
  9. My favourite food is????
  10. My Favourite Drink is????
  11. I would love to go to????
  12. My Best Freinds name is????
  13. My Favourite sport is????
  14. My least Favourite sport is????
  15. I like Harry Potter???
  16. I like the Twilight saga????
  17. How many school teams do I play on???
  18. Guess My Birthday????

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Quiz topic: How much can I guess about me??