how much are you as weird as me

Hey. This is a quiz to tell if you are anything like me. First of all, I do not recommend being like me, I have depression and its illegal for my crush to love me back.

So, If you want to know if you're like me, take this. Now, I shall sing you a song ♪ I WANNA SEE YUR PECOCK COK COK YUR PECOK COK YUR PECOK COK COK UR PECOK!!! ♪ this is an actual song lol

Created by: like hey

  1. Which describes you and the person you have a crush on
  2. What do you freak out about
  3. How are you and your mom
  4. What is your fave song
  5. You wear...
  6. Describe yuhself.
  7. You want to be
  8. You obsess about
  9. You name your pet
  10. Describe your school life

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Quiz topic: How much am I as weird as me