How mean are you ft. Tiffany

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Be mean and choose the mean option! Just kidding! Be honest and choose the option best for you. At the end Tiffany will give you your score on how mean you are.

If you get a super mean result,, don't take it seriously, you're not really mean, its just a quiz and the aim is to be mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Hannah

  1. Your old friend says hi
  2. A person from class invites you to a party
  3. Someone offers you a diamond necklace
  4. You send out Christmas cards
  5. Someone compliments your new outfit
  6. A person from class has a better lunch than you
  7. Someone says you smell
  8. Someone says you're lame
  9. Your friend says you look different
  10. FINAL: Someone tells you a huge secret

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Quiz topic: How mean am I ft. Tiffany