How many pets will you have

This quiz is about figuring out how many pets you will have in the future and also I have been thinking about it so much so I made this and it should be good

There are four results and all are good especially for planning keep in mind that you should have your plans for your house and kid situations before you go and buy 145 pets besides that enjoy

Created by: jujayfourevs

  1. How many do you want
  2. What kind of animals do you like the most
  3. Favorite animal
  4. What animal/ animals do you want to have the most of
  5. How many kids
  6. Do you have names in mind
  7. How many pets do you have now
  8. What are some names you like
  9. I have more quizzes like this so do not worry and think this is the only one there are many more( some are not under this account)
  10. Hope you enjoyed
  11. How many stories would your house be

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Quiz topic: How many pets will I have