How many of these bands can you name?

There are many music artist, and music producers but you my friend are good at this, good job, keep listening to what you want to listen to. good job!

EH, you need more music practice. i'm gonna make a quiz on instruments maybe you will be good at that. you just need to do what you do best. keep trying.

Created by: Zoe Bullard

  1. This quiz will be a bit longer because i have a lot of bands in mind.
  2. Okay, what band started off with 3 members but now has 2
  3. In what Florence and The Machine song does she say "and its hard to dance with a devil on your back"
  4. In what Fiona Apple song does she "i certainly haven't been for any new shoes, and, i certainly haven't been throwing my self around"
  5. Fate
  6. are you enjoying this quiz?
  7. Did you go to the Florence and Then Machine concert at the Hollywood Bowl?
  8. This quiz is about to end
  9. Did or are you going a Twenty One Pilots concert
  10. You have reached the end of this quiz

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Quiz topic: How many of these bands can I name?