How Many Kids Will You Have?

This quiz is to tell you how many kids you ate going to have. I'm warning you, you need to do your best on this quiz so you can find out how many kids you are really gonna have. Don't pick stupid and random answers or else you honestly won't find out how many kids you'll really have!

Have you been sitting around wondering, Gee, I wonder how many kids I'll have when I get older? Well if you have you came to the right place because this quiz is guarenteed to tell you how many kids you'll have. Good Luck!!:D

Created by: Kaylyn

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Is Your favorite boy name?
  2. What Is Your Favorite Girl Name?
  3. A 2 year old wants some juice, a 1 year old wants some pizza, and a baby wants a bottle. Who do you help first?
  4. You are trying to put your newborn to sleep but your twins are fighting over a toy. You get the baby to sleep. How do you punish the twins?
  5. Your 7 year old son gets hurt, your 4 year old looses a tooth, and your baby is hungry. What Do you do?
  6. Your pregnant and it's time to have the baby. Well your daughter is screaming and crying saying she doesn't want you to leave. What Do you say to her to calm her down?
  7. Do you want kids?
  8. Your baby just went to sleep and your 6 year old son goes into the baby's room and wakes him up. You tell him to get out but he yells at you and say's No!! How do you punish him?
  9. It's your daughters 1st birthday!! What kind of party do you have for her?
  10. You're "doing it" with your husband and your son pops in. How do you react?

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