How Many Kids Will You Have?

This quiz will show how much You love kids and care for them it also will say how many kids you have depending how you would react to certain issues. Good Luck!!!

Do you think you will be a supermom? How many kids will you have? Are you a caring mom or mean mother? But in just a few minutes and questions you will find out?

Created by: Hannah
  1. If your putting your baby to sleep while listening to your 3 yr. Old scream, and finally your baby is sound asleep in its crib. How would you punish your child?
  2. Its a nice sunny day and you have 3 kids(ages 3, 5 and 1)what do you do.
  3. How many kids would you like to have?
  4. Do you want more boys than girls?
  5. What state would you raise your kid?
  6. A 2 yr. Old wants a toy, a baby wants a bottle, a 4 yr. Old needs crayons, but your only one person. Which one would you help 1st?
  7. What's your favorite girl name? (its okay if you spell it different)
  8. What's your favorite unisex name (can be used for a boy or girl)
  9. Favorite boy name?
  10. Does it matter how smart or cute your baby looks?

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Quiz topic: How Many Kids will I Have?