How Mainstream or Non-Mainstream Are You?

There is a lot in our society that makes one wonder whether they live in a bad time or not. Hopefully, this quiz will help you answer the question for good.

So, in the long run, how do you rank on this quiz in the grand scheme of things. Hopefully, let's find out, shall we.I made this quiz to see where you stand.

Created by: MrNutshell

  1. If you live in the West, what do you think has compromised your nation and the West the most?
  2. If you live in the West, by what means is the West being compromised?
  3. Do you think you can be shamed by the mainstream media?
  4. Who or what values do you think are being put on the wayside in the West now?
  5. If you agree low birth rates are being put on the wayside due to a lot of refugees with birth rates coming in, what should be done?
  6. What do you think women gaining further grasp of our society did to the West?
  7. Do you think gender is on a spectrum?
  8. Which do you think is affecting Western society worse?
  9. How would those compromising the society view you?
  10. Who do you think is compromising our society?
  11. What is the best economic system to combat the ills of our societal decay?

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Quiz topic: How Mainstream or Non-Mainstream am I?