How Long Will You Get Banned from ROBLOX?

How long will you get banned from ROBLOX? Or would you not get banned at all? Find out in this ROBLOX quiz about your behavior on this MMORPG platform

I don't need the second paragraph, I'm just writing this to make up for what wants me to do. Besides, it's required, other this quiz wouldn't be published.

Created by: Mithelle on Roblox

  1. What if someone harasses you?
  2. You think of uploading a decal with illegal stuff. What do you do?
  3. Someone asks you out on an Online Date. What do you do?
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  5. What would your username be?
  6. Bonus Question 1: If you were to get banned, would you appeal?
  7. Would you post your phone number, email address, home address, or any other personal information (besides your age)?
  8. Bonus Question 2: Favorite ROBLOX person?
  9. You should report people for profanity.
  10. Would you harass an admin?

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Quiz topic: How Long will I Get Banned from ROBLOX?