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  • I had been in the car for the last two hours, and I was bursting for a pee. Finally, when I got home, I ran to the door. My brother beat me to the bathroom. He went in, and after SIX WHOLE MINUTES, he hadn't come out! I banged on the door! "George! Let me in!" I cried. No answer. I was getting desperate. Finally, I decided to let it all out. I spread out my legs, took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and relaxed. I opened my eyes and looked down. Wet spot on my jeans! It grew. Slowly, pee began to trickle down my legs, formulating a puddle at my feet. When George came out of the bathroom, I smiled. "Too late now, you prat!" I shouted.

    Hermione Harper
  • At the begining I really had to pee, my sisters and I were in rush hour traffic! "Marie! I really need to go!" I said to my oldest sister, the driver. "You can hold it in, Faith!" Marie rolled her eyes. "Or can she?" My second to oldest sister, Suzanne smirked. I, the youngest, was squirming and potty dancing in my seat! "Do you need a potty?" Asked my older sister, Belle, laughing. I shook my head. It was obvious I did. "Let's put on some yoga sounds..." Suzanne smirked, and put on water noises! "Hope you don't mind, Faith!" My face turned red as I spurted and made a little wet spot!!!! "Omg! Faith's gonna pee her pants! She's starting to!" Belle shrieked with laughter! So did Marie and Suzanne! "Stop it!" I whined. I peed some more and made a bigger wet spot! After a few more minutes, I let the flood gates open! "My car!" Marie shrieked, "stop it!!" I tried to, but couldn't, it all felt too good!

  • so i needed the bathroom for a long lime but i was in the car i told my mum i needed to go she said we weren't far away from were we were going to stop so i said i could hold it it was 30 minutes later i was DESPERATE to go my brother noticed me so he decided to swish his water bottle around i told him to stop but he carried on the i felt a little spirit.I held onto my crotch as hard as i could but it wasn't enough i could hold it anymore then i felt a warm stream down my leg i had peed myself

  • Ok so here’s my story...

    I did all of the questions then after the quiz I really needed to pee so I went to the bathroom only to realize there was a huge wet patch so I rushed around to get new pants and underwear all the while trying to make sure my family doesn’t find out I managed to get fresh underwear and pants but I should have emptied my bladder into my pants

  • I was after school at school and l had to pee now l was done with my work so l ran home and went to my bathroom but there was l mess and l hate messes so l asked my lil sis to clean it up but half way through l had to go so bad but she said she wasn't done so l went to her bathroom and peed then my and locked my bedroom and bathroom door and my other sister was in her bathroom then l saw my lil sister squirming she said almost done l said no she said please still no i watched her go to every bathroom but bad luck she shoved her hand in her crotch and potty danced then l came out and when she got up she peed and that's what l call sweet revenge

    Ana Cortes
  • I finished the questions and then I stand up slowly and just owed all over the floor. I pee for 7 minutes straight and it get good

  • my bathroom was soo far away I needed to pee I thought that

    I could hold on to an another 2hours slowly my urge started growing up but I'm so lazy to pee then i see a wet patech

    Sniper 1331
  • i need to pee now

  • who need to pee OS


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