How "Link" are you?

Ever wonder how much of a Zelda fan you truly are? Think you know everything about it? Take this test to find out around 25-30 questions all about LoZ and its history. Try your best, and don't complain when you see your results.

A true hero can endure a lot, can you endure 25-30 of the most wickedly hard questions you've ever seen? I hope, for the love of god, you know your Zelda history and facts. If you don't, your gonna fail.

Created by: Emosolider
  1. How many pieces are in the triforce piece on the original Legend of Zelda?
  2. Qhich of these words, when entered on the original LoZ activate a tougher storyline?
  3. Who created the LoZ series?
  4. This is officially the greatest game of all time. What game is it?
  5. "It's dangerous to go alone!" This well known quote appears in...
  6. Who has the Triforce of Power?
  7. Who has the Triforce of Wisdom?
  8. Finally, the Triforce of Courage?
  9. How many people were members of the Fun Club in 1988?
  10. LoZ is an Adventure game as well as the less known...
  11. Link is also known as...
  12. Link is _______ handed.
  13. How many boomerangs are in the LoZ series?
  14. What controversial symbol was removed from LoZ as well as in Pokemon Card game?
  15. Who is the bad guy in the LoZ series?
  16. Does Ganon ever die?
  17. How many swords are in Ocarina of Time?
  18. How many units of the original Zelda game were sold?
  19. One (1) Orange rupee is worth how much?
  20. How many pieces of heart are required in Twilight Princess, to gain another heart?
  21. Who, in Ocarina of Time, is the first sage you release?
  22. In Majora's Mask, the moon is falling, how long till it hits the planet?
  23. What is the most amount of rupees you can carry in Windwaker?
  24. Another rupee question, how many types of rupees were in the original?
  25. How many hearts are required in order to get the Magical Sword in The Legend of Zelda?

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Quiz topic: How "Link" am I?